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The Garfagnana is a small region between Apuan Alps and Tuscan-Emilian Appenninesin the province of Lucca.In this corner of Tuscany”where time slows down” you can still find an artistic and natural heritage waiting to be discovered with all its evocative appearances.

Activities and Relax in Garfagnana
If you love nature and hiking, you can visit Monte Forato a natural arch which connects the two minor peaks situated along the crest which separates Versilia from Garfagnana.For a unique and impressive spectacle of beauty, we recommend the panorama of the nearby mountains Panie.

For a beautiful example of underground caves and tunnels, we suggest a visit to the Grotta del Vento,where there are splendid limestone formations.

If you are a passionate about old buildings we suggest you stop at Eremo di Calominia characteristic monastery built in the 13th century and situated at the base of a cave in south Garfagnana, near Gallicano. Another important example of ancient construction is the Fortezza delle Verrucole an impressive fortress near Villa Collemandina,which dominates the entire Garfagnana.

How can you reach “La Radice”
“La Radice” is situated in Garfagnana,in the province of Lucca, Tuscany (Italy).
From Lucca, follow the main road called the provinciale Lodovica until you reach the village of Gallicano. Leaving Gallicano follow the signs to Verni; after going through the village continue for about 2 kilometres and you will find us!